Oct 9, 2016

Here She Comes, Miss America

The top five contestants in the 4-6 year old group 
wait to be judged in the Little Miss Perfect contest. 
Look at their expressions. How is this okay?
Stop surrounding infant baby girls in all-pink-everything.

Stop buying girl toddlers play kitchens, tiny vaccuum cleaners and little plastic shopping carts.

Stop with the constant deluge of Disney princesses on every single item that a little girl uses in her day.

Stop eroticizing little girls.

Stop calling little girls who like math and science "nerds" or "geeks," even if you mean it lovingly.

Stop telling grade school girls that when boys hit you it means they like you.

Princess Culture is harmful.
Five-year old Ainsley didn't care for Princess Day.
We love her, (June 2016)
Stop saying boys who aren't good at baseball "throw like a girl."

Stop saying girls who are good at sports play "like a boy."

Stop telling little girls they're bossy.

Stop insulting your own body in the mirror where she can see you.

Stop supporting the notion that size 8 is a "plus" size.

Stop referring to vaginas and breasts using silly words, just say vagina and breasts. These are not bad words.

Stop treating the female body like it's an unwholesome, dirty thing.

Stop policing what middle school & high school girls are wearing and sending them home to change because they are "distracting" to boys. It is not their job to ensure that boys pay attention in class.

Stop supporting teen girl magazines that push a shallow beauty-first agenda.

Sept 2016
Stop beauty contests, it's a ridiculous and outdated institution.

Stop calling college girls "co-eds" finally, please, since 1875 was a long time ago. They're all just called "students" now. It's been time to let "co-ed" go for about a hundred years.

Stop celebrating the "beauty is pain" tradition through overdoing the whole hair removal thing, too-high heels, nylons, fake eyelashes, fake tans, fake teeth, fake lips, fake breasts. It's time to get real.

Stop hating yourself for not looking like fashion models. Fashion models don't even look like fashion models.

Stop making light of rape. Rape is a horrific violent crime. Rape is not a compliment. Rape is not a punchline.

Stop shaming and blaming the victims of sexual assault. What she's wearing, how much she drank and whether or not she takes the pill are irrelevant.

Stop remaining silent about restrictive legislation on the female reproductive system, because we are not going back and that's the end of discussion, pal.

Stop supporting a right wing "family values" agenda that is merely one battle in the over-arching war on women.

The Republican panel at the House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing on contraception. 
Five pussies, zero vaginas, no balls.
(Feb 16, 2012)
Stop letting anyone deny there's a conservative war on women.

Stop confronting childless women about why they don't have children. It's none of your business.

Stop confronting busy professional women about why they have children if they're still going to work. It's none of your business.

Stop acting like it's cute when dads take care of their kids. The "clueless dad" stereotype stopped being a thing a long time ago, and today's dads are rockin' it.

Stop casting movies with old actors in romantic relationships with young actresses, passing over appropriately-aged actresses for being too old. It's creepy and weird.

Stop saying "boys will be boys." It's never used to describe decent behavior.

Stop letting anyone refer to household chores or toys or games or hobbies based on gender. Boys need to feel comfortable cooking, sewing, cleaning etc, and girls need to learn there is no such thing as "women's work."

Stop pretending that the act of "mansplaining" doesn't exist.

Stop overusing "mansplaining." It doesn't mean men merely explaining things. Save it for the real thing, that is when a man is interrupting a woman in order to condescendingly correct her, incorrectly, in subject matter where she is the expert and he is not.

Stop unnecessary gender qualifiers such as "all girl band" and "woman-led corporation" and "female author." Unless gender pertains to the central point, it is irrelevant.

Stop letting anyone get away with telling women that sexism is all in our minds. It's not in our minds, but it is on our minds, for the simple reason that we live it every day.

Just stop. ∎