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Gen X File #002: Kenneth!

Kenneth! gets a big exclamation point because WOW! It's been forever since we've been saying we'll get together. And we ...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Submitted Without Comment

Monday, January 23, 2017

You Just Scream

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Boston Women's March

What I found coolest about today was the respect and solidarity. I walked with a river of women, with everyone who came along because they understand what I've been saying for years: feminism is for everyone. Signs declared truth, everything from "Black Lives Matter" to "If You Cut Off My Reproductive Choice, Can I Cut Off Yours?" The gay guys, always THE BEST, came out with "Born This Way" and "You Can't Defund Love." One guy nailed it, his sign read, "TOO MUCH WRONG FOR ONE SIGN." Right? Everyone represented. Everyone came out in solidarity: old men, young boys, teenagers, grandmothers, young parents with babies in strollers, people in wheelchairs.

I saw women my age, marching with their friends. I was wearing the pin that Jenny gave all five of us, so I felt powerful.

I saw Glenn marching with his wife, and then he put his arm around his diminutive mother-in-law. *sniffle* I saw Rick Berlin walking with his young boyfriend. I saw Catherine and Jess, a couple. I saw Sarah with her two little kids (Marco had to work).

I saw some young women start a clap and like a "Hey, Ho!" to establish the beat, then amongst themselves they demo'd a call and response. Instantly, that got picked up by hundreds of people, on a surge of positivity. A rallying cry. Today, I finally understand "cheerleaders." Girls, you knock me out.

I saw grandfathers and fathers pushing strollers, and moms and dads with children up on their shoulders carrying signs. 

I saw people who know the trains helping those who didn't know, probably those people who came in from the suburbs.

I saw the cops being so cool. They kept everyone feeling safe.

I saw the old guard, women my mom's age who have already fought for this shit, led groups, and they know how to do this, but wish they didn't have to...and they marched with even older women, their moms, and that got me verklempt, just because it's taken women so many decades to get to this point, and yet here we all still are, you guys. ∎
Women's March, Boston Common
Because fuck this guy.

The pin on my purple beret is gift from my Jenny.
At our 20th college reunion (2012) she surprised our group of five by giving one to each of us.
My girls are always with me, but especially today.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Knowledge is Power. But So Is Power.

Coming from a working class Sicilian family, going to college was something of an ordeal. No one in my immediate family had ever gone to college. Mom got her high school equivalency when I was in 8th grade (I helped her with her homework), and my father went to work in the family waste removal business, National Guard and then painting/contracting. When I brought up college the first time, despite my good grades and a penchant for journalism, Lou laughed in my face and scoffed, "YOU can't go to college!" It sounds cruel. It felt cruel. But Lou and JoAnna, living paycheck-to-paycheck for my entire life, had zero chance of ever saving a penny for my higher education. The very idea was ludicrous. "YOU can't go to college!" Ha ha, ha ha ha, hilarious.

Monday, January 16, 2017

FB Questionnaire: Top 10 Records of My Teens

This latest Facebook questionnaire asks you to name the top ten records of your teen years. This one sparked more than a few, shall we say, enthusiastic discussions amongst my social network.There may have been some near-unfriending incidents. Granted, mine is a particularly musically-charged gang of misfits. Most everyone in my life either plays, curates or writes about music, or is what you would call a SuperFan. So this lot possesses a deep well of knowledge that enables close, dear friends to absolutely demolish each other over hot button issues such as whether or not Billy Squire got robbed.

That's another thing, the average age of my people puts them squarely into Generation X. That means we are old enough to have found our musical heroes before video killed the radio star, we know how to dig for info (we HAD to), we rode the MTV wave back when that channel actually featured music, and we are a snarky bunch. We may have invented the eye-roll because of people who said things like "Did you know Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings?

Oh, and one more thing about this latest Facebook questionnaire: it's got a brief instruction that did not escape the wrath of Generation X: in part it commanded, a little bossy-pants-ish if I'm honest, that you don't give it too much thought. Oh, the humanity!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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Sunday, January 1, 2017

FB Questionnaire: Holiday Games

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
I am glad that I saw this after breakfast and not right when I woke up. Because a tangerine, then...