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Apr 23, 2018

Admiral Jackson: Let's All Take A Beat

About these allegations against Admiral Jackson. This is a puzzling story. I smell a rat. Something is off about this whole thing.

First of all, these salacious stories about Admiral Jackson's history of excessive drinking and rage-fueled abusive rants are just rumors, at this point. That's the word missing from this national gossip train. I'm disappointed and pissed at the media furor that's treating this like it is all fact. Maybe it'll be proven true, but does it really ring true? Have the ring of truth? Because I don't hear it. I hear a Bullshit Alarm.

You've got this guy, the White House doctor. He's career military and by all accounts an outstanding person and a terrific doctor. He's had a stellar record, he's decorated. He's been repeatedly recognized by people we trust. So what is this really about?

Apr 18, 2018

Peak Gen X...Blossom & Luke & Duckie & ME THIS TIME?!

I'm just happy to be in there somewhere.

This is an incredibly romantic moment, and you're ruining it for me!

Apr 10, 2018

Facebook? That was never a secret.

He is such an ape

Here's what landed in my email nine minutes ago (5:30pm EST). Yes I'm on the devil's email list, and I also tune in to the Hairdo McTrumpbutt shows on Fox sometimes, because never turn your back on these people. Think he's havin' a bad day? #MAGAMOTHERFUCKERS

with apologies to apes, who are actually thoughtful, intelligent creatures.

Apr 7, 2018

Necco or Necc-no?

Being a New England girl at heart, these damn things are the most divisive thing, by and large, in my local network. Everybody either loves them or hates them with the heat of a...well...something really hot...and everybody is sure the other guys are frikkin' nuts. So deeply and forever divided a group of people! Second only to that part of Connecticut that's like half Yankee / half Red Sox fans. (Note: I am pro-Yankee, anti-Necco wafers, so I'm on your team if that's you too.)