Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Adults: Reading Is Still Fundamental

Remember bringing home your math book for the first time? Everything was new, there were symbols and fractions and apples being added up and subtracted. It was fun. Most kids start out thinking school is awesome. Some keep that enthusiasm, but a lot of kids lose it, and for those little guys, school is a drag.

But what happens to that early enthusiasm?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Holly Crab

Photo: Joe Kowalski

Chris and Joe picked up food from Holly Crab, the new place on Comm Ave.

It's a big Cajun crab boil, with the bibs and gloves.
It's good. I hope they make it.
Good luck, Holly Crab!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 1984

Frank Davis Resort, Moody CT (Photo: Colleen Berry)

Eighth grade class trip. This place closed down, but just envision Dirty Dancing and you've got the idea.
But without any of the dancing or dancers.
Just the vaguely germ-spreading social activities,
and also the pool from Caddyshack.

Me and my best friends all went a different way dressing for the class trip.
That's the problem with having to wear school uniforms.
We get this one single day to make an impression on everybody at once.

The Michelles look like Simone's back-up dancers. 

Michelle's outfit is hard to see - she's wearing a pink Tuxedo ruffled top and pleated pinstriped jeans.
Look at Simone in her Madonna belt and Duran Duran ankle boots!
I look like an extra in a Go-Go's video. That's my mom's red striped swimsuit.

That's our teacher Mrs. Dorozinski on the lounge.

I wish Colleen was in the photo. 
Bonus Throwback.
Left: 8th Grade Graduation.
Right: Simone's house in Thomaston, CT.
There's Colleen!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We're Doing "News" Wrong

Maybe it's because I'm a *card-carrying member of the TV-addled generation who can remember a time when "the news" was actually the news, but I am sick of all the crap, know what I'm sayin'? People are tripping. Here's the thing...let's do advice in bold type...

* It's just an old defunct video store membership card.  
Advice in Bold Type

For "news" news, watch your local news and read the local paper (online is fine, as print has been circling the drain for decades). For in-depth analysis, background and history, expertise in key areas, watch MSNBC or if you like CNN better, sure. In addition, I recommend tuning into BBC, because they are free from pressure to be all "USA USA!" so it's an unbiased take on how we're doing. For a change of pace, flip it over to CSPAN so you can see what these so-called representatives are doing when they think nobody is watching. Be watching.

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