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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hot Head v. Cool Head : Who Really Prevails?

I'm among those who did not tune in to the Kavanaugh hearing today, because I've had enough. Of everything. And all these old white men. But I see from all of your posts and tweets that the "honorable" (that's laughable) judge had himself a little mantrum today, is that right? This reporting has been countered by a great deal of "...and they say women are too emotional" memes and wisecracks. It is on this point that I wish to write today; this fantasy fairy-tale that men tell each other about women being "too emotional" for leadership. My experience doesn't bear that out, like, at all. Here is a brief look into just one of my experiences navigating the frail male psyche. You know what, people? Far more often it is we women taking care of business while men are freaking out. Fact. This story is about things that happened in my workplace some years back, and about the male emotions I had to navigate on a daily basis. Most of this, I've kept silent about, until now. - md

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lawrence "Street Fight Grampa" O'Donnell

Sometimes Lawrence O'Donnell could stand to slow the liberal roll, don't you think? 

Yeah, you read that right, this is me. No, I haven't been kidnapped. I'm not blogging at gunpoint, although now that I say that, in Trump's America, why can't that be true. Well it's not, not right now. We can work out a code phrase or something later. This is real. 

The whole point of being liberal is you've got to be able to say when your guy is also acting as much a whole donkey as the Trumpy Trumpletons of Trumpville. And I gotta call out Lawrence O'Donnell tonight. 

Look, the president is a gargantuan buffoon, a thieving, conniving carnival barker who thinks he really is the King of America, which means to him that he's better than Barack Obama AND Howard Stern. Trump is delusional. He is a thoroughly ridiculous person. This farce of a president is Putin's useful idiot, or Putin's puppet as Hillary Clinton told us in the simplest possible language. Trump is the worst person in the world. The literal worst.

But everything the government does can't be a scandal. When you trump up a simple thing-that-happened-today so it sounds like an epic OMG, you sound just like the Trumpiest Trumper in Trumpland. And man, does Lawrence O'Donnell torture the language so as to make a new piece of information sound ten times worse than it is! He's ranting and rolling tonight, too. 

He just intoned that the Republicans "have been keeping it a secret all day for some unfathomable reason," regarding the specialty lawyer they're hiring to question Dr. Ford.

Okay, two things. First, I actually think bringing in a ringer is a good idea for all involved and secondly, a practical note: you cannot announce a thing like that until all the forms are finished/proofed/processed. Dude, you know this, you worked there. You can't even announce where you're having your birthday party until the deposit clears, why are you making this into such a big deal that they didn't release the lawyer's name until tonight? Considering the circus currently camped in DC town, I think they announced Rachel Mitchell's name the minute they could announce it, and IMO their one-day was a lightning-fast turnaround.This is the government.

Here's how that story should have gone: "Tonight  the Judiciary Committee announced the name of the lawyer hired to question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It's Rachel Mitchell..." and then do the bio thing on Rachel Mitchell. That's it, that's all you needed tonight.

What Else Could They Do Realistically

You know what? The fact stands stark and high on the landscape: that the Republicans haven't seated a woman on the Judiciary Committee in the (hundred years? Two?) that it's been in existence. You would think after 1991 and the Anita Hill fiasco, but no. They can't risk that same spectacle again. They know that, we know it, and they know we know. So bringing in a ringer is a good idea for them, but I'd like to see whether or not this works for Dr. Blasey Ford and for us, too. I think it will work out. But we don't know yet, so making THIS the story is foolhardy. This lawyer is not the story right now. She may become the story next week.

Looking too hard for scandal is a Fox News move, you guys. And now here's Lawrence O'Donnell  asking about how they'll work out the payroll. 

Dude, what. An HR admin question? 

Well, Lawrence, the payroll issue is undoubtedly part of what they were processing today, which is what you could have reported. I would wager it's a leave-of-absence from where she is, a whole bunch of forms required to make that happen, then the contracts and whatnot for the Judiciary Committee gig, are you really couching this paperwork as a big huge story? What in the name of Zeus' butthole does the payroll transaction have to do with anything. 

I can't believe he went after payroll with a glint in his eye like when a dog sees a steak.

In rock and theatre, bringing in a ringer happens all the time. When the performance "thing" is coming up fast and things aren't going well, you all concede that your group or troupe lacks the chops to pull off the "thing" and so you bring in a ringer. 

Of all things to focus on right now. Settle down, gramps.∎

Friday, September 21, 2018

I Believe Christine Blasey-Ford

In high school, I had a good friend invite me to come babysit with her. Unbeknownst to me, she had also invited two older boys. I knew these guys (small town) but we weren't on a first name basis. Before long, my friend went into another room with one of them, leaving me alone with the other guy. Sitting far apart, he and I made uncomfortable small talk within earshot of what was clearly wildly enjoyable sex. My free-spirited friend was sexually active, but I was not and had no plans to be quite yet, but there was a palpable feeling that this guy was expecting sex too.

That was 32 years ago. I can still tell you everything about the old house, how far back from the road it was, the way the room was decorated, how it smelled, the sounds I heard, the vintage top I was wearing, the plaid shirt he was wearing, his scuffed sneakers. And I can also tell you about the phone call I made to my mom to say COME AND GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

To be clear, this guy did not touch me. Then my dad quickly came to get me, no questions asked. I was safe. Even so...the situation was still fraught, because I had not asked, nor expected, to be in it, and during a time like that, senses are heightened and details are cast into memory.

32 years later I know exactly who that boy was. I can still see his face, his shirt, his sneakers, and I can still see the Frisbee he was holding and spinning idly as we sat there. It was blue and white.

I got out of the situation, but I remember every detail.

Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford barely made it out of the situation. If you don't think she remembers, then you really just don't get it at all. Like, at all.∎

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, Mel Torme


6 years ago

Saturday, September 1, 2018