Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump Is A Terrible Person

LOOP-HOLE (Merriam Webster)

An error in the way a law, rule, or contract is written that makes it possible for some people to legally avoid obeying it

An ambiguity or omission in the text through which the intent of a statute, contract, or obligation may be evaded.

Last night during the 2nd presidential debate, Donald Trump scoffed at Clinton's suggestion that maybe it's time to let the system work like it's supposed to, spitting back that of course he, like all billionaires, takes full advantage of every tax loophole.

He didn't add,"so we need to reform the egregiously lopsided tax code so it's fair for all Americans, close those Bush loopholes enjoyed by the 1% so they start to contribute their fair share, approve and activate Obama's tax cuts that corporations can get only if they bring back all those jobs they shipped overseas. If we all work together we can ease the burden of the middle class, lift the working poor out of poverty, shore up our schools, fix our roads and bridges, put Americans to work and make America great!"

He didn't say any of that. He said "so does Warren Buffet."

Donald Trump Is A Terrible Candidate

When Trump blurted out "So does Warren Buffet," I'm surprised we didn't hear a ragged scream followed by a muffled thud from backstage, unless that's why we haven't heard from his campaign manager all day. Someone should go check on her.

Now, one might argue that Trump repeatedly stumbles into this kind of gaff because he isn't a politician and he doesn't know any better. One might acknowledge that the vast majority of candidates would never make mistakes like this, because most of them came up through law careers where they learned courtroom procedure.

Litigation is not the same as a political debate, but carries some of of the same principles of strategy. In witness testimony, anything brought up in the initial examination is admissible in the cross. In a debate, definitely prepare a response to, but you yourself do not bring up, any subject that is going to negate your position.

To support your position that of course you don't pay your fair share of taxes, you incite Warren Buffett? The socially-conscious billionaire that has been famously yelling for tax reform for years? Obama even put a plan on the table called "The Buffet Rule." Few people were paying any attention to Warren Buffet right now. And in this Short Attention Span Theatre that passes for "the news" these days, I'll wager that millions of people forgot all about The Buffet Rule.

Hi Mr. Buffet, welcome to the platform, I look forward to your gruff punditry on the news shows all week. If you get a CNN side-by-side with Chachi tomorrow, please obliterate that idiot, sir. I'd start with the definition of the word loophole, and that few loopholes in the whole history of the world were ever exploited for "good," and that Trump's offhand dismissal of this word is on par with his lack of understanding the word "consent."

"It's just words, folks."

Words have meaning. There's definition, there's connotation, there's nuance, there's context. Loophole, in the context of taxes, happens to be a word that's universally understood as bad. Legal -- yes, but barely. And "if you had 900 billion you would do it too" is the worst argument ever and just proves that Republicans have no code of ethics, unless "ethics" is also just one of those "words."

He just...says shit. Trump also said that if Clinton wins, it's going to be the same as four more years of Obama (yay?).
He also said that he knows nothing about Russia (oh yeah, sure).
He also said he would put her in jail (yeah there's a whole due process thing).
He also said he "hasn't spoken with" Pence, then immediately shot to shit the position on Assad that the Pence has been using as the platform showpiece in foreign policy.

What's he gonna say next? "Hey guys, let's attack Michelle Obama's childhood nutrition initiative, get the numbers on school lunch programs. Remember how Reagan said that ketchup is a vegetable? Let's do ketchup in the schools. It can't lose!"

This is the exact kind of head-explodey, crazy-ass shenanigans that make otherwise ordinary people venture over into tinfoil hat territory. Like, this can't be real, right. Serious people are wondering out loud if this whole campaign hasn't been one long grift from the very beginning. Some scorched Earth plot contrived in the 90s after Bill got caught cheating on Hillary.

Why are serious people suggesting, with a nervous chuckle to cover the fact that it sounds insane, that this is all just one big stage show to shift global politics? Not only because Trump has nothing to lose, as he shrugged off losing last year, "I go back to a very comfortable life." Not only because the Trumps and Clintons were once friendly, and not only because Ivanka and Chelsea are actually kinda pals, but because...really?  THAT was all supposed to fix "Grab them by the pussy," really? That's the really real strategy that people sat in a room and discussed and wrote down and felt good about? It can't be real, can it? Or. Is there some back room, closed-door alliance of rogue nationalists pulling the puppet strings?

As my imagination goes into overdrive, I wonder if I have some of that extra-heavy-duty tinfoil in the pantry...shhhh! They're watching!

Next: Operation - Trojan Horse's Ass

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