Friday, May 26, 2017

I Don't Often Go To Big Stadium Rock Shows

But When I Do, There Is No Line At The Ladies' Room.

All men, and me. Every time.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Soupcon, setting up to play somewhere in JP.

The weirdest thing.
Last night we went to a loft in Jamaica Plain,
where an artist was hosting a sort of eclectic music night.

"Soupcon" is Joe, Chris Barrett, George Hall (who are all in The Elderly together)
and Chris' friend Susan, who is a lovely person and a
seriously killer player.
I just met her tonight.
I was a total dork because I'm a total dork.

What's amazing is that Soupcon has only played together once
and there are no prepared songs.
They improvise by listening to each other. So it's like a musical conversation.
This can go so wrong in so many ways, but it didn't.
It was magical.
I've got some video. Maybe it'll end up in a Joe Show.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

"I wonder if Joey's on his way home yet...Nope."
Pretty cool job ya got there, Stretch.

What Is Content?

There's a nugget of thought leadership that suggests we should be able to explain our work "to our grandparents." The idea is simply that distilling complex ideas down into simple terms shows thorough understanding. I'd add "regardless of age" to that, since I know many brilliant individuals with grandchildren who don't need things dumbed-down for their benefit.  Phrased in a less insulting manner to grandparents, let's say you're doing well if you can explain your work to anyone who isn't in your same exact business.

To explain what we mean by "content," I like to use A Christmas Story. Everyone's seen it, even if you don't do Christmas.

You know how Ralphie's favorite thing in the world, besides the elusive Red Ryder BB Gun, is the Little Orphan Annie radio program? He never misses it. Once Ralphie finally finds that decoder ring in the mailbox, he is even more keen to tune in, eagerly awaiting the next episode. Well, the Little Orphan Annie radio program is content.

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