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Friday, June 16, 2017

1313 Days Left

"This is a man who was coddled and spoiled as a child. Then, as an adult, he surrounded himself with people who fed his ego and told him how amazing he was at everything he did. This created a person whose view on the world is so completely warped that he lacks the ability to understand that he’s not a very bright person. But he’s so incredibly ignorant that he truly believes he 'comprehends better than almost anybody,' that he has a 'very good brain,' and he’s a 'really smart person.'" - Allen Clifton

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Losing Our Heroes: Adam West, 1928 - 2017

Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb. 
Adam West was my Batman. His was the Batman that I knew first, so he's the one whose visage my mind's eye still summons whenever I hear someone say "Batman." In those days, Batman as a franchise was campy. It was a comic book lifted right from the cartoon pages and performed by people doing very silly things in a very serious manner. Decades before the franchise turned so dark and sinister, Batman was good wholesome family fun. Just like Roger Moore was my James Bond out of all the James Bonds, and Christopher Reeve was my Superman, so was Adam West my Batman.

I've decided that this is the hardest part of growing older. It's not the milestones marking your own personal mortality, or the gray hairs, chubby chin or crinkly eyes looking back at you from the mirror. It's having to say goodbye to contemporary heroes, first crushes and pop culture icons.

I remember exactly where I was when Michael Jackson moonwalked on stage for the first time, now he's gone. I saw George Michael perform with Wham UK (later just "Wham") on Dance Fever before anyone had really heard of him yet. The song was "Young Guns" and there were two girls in the band back then. Hard to believe he's gone. When John Ritter died, my mom called me, "How he made you laugh when you were a little girl!" So true. Makes it hard to watch "Noises Off" now, as funny as it is, because we've lost John Ritter and Christopher Reeve. Hard to watch "When Harry Met Sally" because we've lost Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher now. Hard to watch "Dirty Dancing," Patrick Swayze was so strong and sexy, and then there's "To Wong Foo...", a movie I love, because now we've lost Patrick, Robin Williams, as well as Chris Penn, delightfully playing the small town homophobic cop.

My Batman died.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


This one time, Joe and I were on a road trip and we stopped at a dumpy little town diner. We walked in the door and heard, from somewhere in the place, "HEY, NOVEMBER RAIN!" Probably there's still some locals in a small Vermont town that tell about the time they saw Axl Rose havin' a Western Omelette.
Axl (L) and Joe (R)
Joe, at 24, Axl'ing up the place pretty good.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cheap Chic: Neither/Nor

Yelp Review: Cheap Chic (Allston, MA)

This is Why I Hate The  #@$%#*@  Phone


So tell me if you think this is weird.

On Tuesday (4/18/2017) I called Cheap Chic. "Hello!" I said to the woman who picked up. "My name is Michelle, I'm a local, I come to Cheap Chic all the time. The reason I'm calling is to ask if you guys could maybe bring your box of vinyl out from behind those shelves? Since Saturday is Record Store Day, I'm planning to walk around and shop for records. Yours used to be on a shelf at waist-level and people could just thumb through them. Now they're on the floor, behind those racks of old office equipment, and it's dusty and cramped back there. The records are hard to get to, so I thought if I called you could pull them out for Record Store Day...?" [Note: Yes, I burbled all that. This is why I hate the fuckin' phone.-md]