Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 15th, 2013

It's been awhile, sorry about that. I had a pretty rough April. Wasn't feeling much like myself. Airports, chaos, sweat, tears, rental cars, exhaustion. Las Vegas, for that work trip. This time I'm not just mouthing off when I say that I am never. Doing that trip. Again. Ever.

In other news, Joe and I got married in Vegas.
He came with to work the show, then after it was over we got the paperwork and dropped in to one of the chapels.

Reactions from friends and family have been enormous, bigger than we even expected. It's been eleven years since we met during prep for a big rock show called Project Eno, so being together and in love isn't news to us, and I didn't expect to feel any different. But WOW, the outpouring of congratulations has been epic.

Eleven years. We have been telling everyone "we didn't wanna rush into anything."

This item in The Noise magazine is awesome. Not only because it tells the music community that Joey 'n me made it legal, but look at the word "Pravada" right before Joe's name. That's supposed to read Pravda. The band is the Daily Pravda, not Pravada. See, when I was an editor for this rag fanzine, THAT kind of thing drove me batshit. Spellcheck is useless, you have to know that band to do that job. (I love that band, actually). Oh and "Brownboot" is one word.

Thank you, typing errors, it's kind of awesome to know that some things never change. And thank you, T Max, for the mention.

Thank you, Joey, it's kind of awesome to know that some things do change. We totally got married.

I love you, baby.