Friday, May 11, 2012

She's Lump

Presidents of the United States of America had this hit, Lump, in the 90s. I lurves them.

The "Lump" lyrics have long been a source of delight and amusement, even amongst the brilliance of the rest of the POTUSA catalog, this 'un is a fantastic nugget of irresistible pop goodness. BUT, the lyrics are mystifying. I'm sure there's about a kajillion Google results if one were to search for "She's Lump meaning." But I have never done this search, because I just need some things to remain points to ponder.

I am given to ponder "Lump" today, because exactly one week ago tomorrow I woke up with ear pain. Fast-forward through two ER visits and three doctor's office visits, eight prescriptions and one bout of uncontrollable sobbing. Now I'm very very badly behind at the office, and between the crazily-patterned six days and all the antibiotics, I am also lump.

I'm lump, I'm lump, I'm lump. I might be dead.

Way deep inside I feel the need to get up, get dressed, go to work and return to contributing to society. But Lump lies alone on the sagging couch, totally motionless except for...nothing at all. And Joey's bringing me decaf tea. Thank you, my love.

Thank you, POTUSA.