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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bonnie Hoppa All Day Long

When you stumble across someone online that you don't know but you get yer socks rocked off, then you fist-bump the air, then you wanna cry and hug a stranger.

You know, all I've been saying this whole time is that amazing things happen when women get together.

Women: get together.

Bonnie Hoppa
October 22 at 9:24am
We don't want women to have abortions, because abortions are bad.
But having a child costs more than buying a house.
And there are over 400,000 children in foster care, over 100,000 of which will wait years to hopefully be adopted.
And the US is the only first world nation without mandatory paid maternity
And childcare costs more per month than most mortgages.
And it's possible to work full time, and still not make enough to be above the poverty line.
And heaven forbid your child ever get sick, or need anything during your working hours.
And women are consistently attacked for choosing to work, or choosing to stay at home.
And working mothers are perpetually assumed to be terrible mothers, and terrible workers.
And the woman who doesn't want any(more) kids isn't allowed to get her tubes tied, because "she might change her mind" or "her partner might want (more) kids."
And the woman who wants a non-permanent birth control option is told that her employer's religion means her prescription isn't covered by insurance.
And birth control is fucking expensive.
And hormonal birth control for males is "too dangerous/inconvenient."
And women who want to have sex for pleasure are vilified.
And women are expected to provide sex, on demand, to their partners.
And non-heterosexual women are told that they just haven't found the right man.
And women who are conventionally attractive are demanded to accept any male attention that comes their way.
And women who aren't conventionally attractive are demanded to accept any male attention that comes their way.
And women who don't want attention or sex, for any reason, are vilified.
And men think about sex all the time, and have needs, don't ya know?
And if a man cheats, it's always because his partner was failing to meet those needs.
And a man can regularly get away with assault, because of his needs and "nature."
And if a woman is assaulted, it's her fault for not knowing how men are.
And if she gets pregnant from that assault, she's supposed to consider it a blessing.
And she's supposed to be just like his mother, unless he hates his mother.
And "a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed" is considered the ideal.
And the ideal girlfriend does all the scheduling, housework, emotional labor, etc., to make sure he has time for video games and his friends.
And "nice guys" are always trying to save "bitches" who just need to realize he's the one.
And telling a man "no" can get a woman assaulted or killed.
But it's our responsibility, as women, to take self-defense classes, guard our drinks, never go anywhere alone, never do anything unsafe, never trust anyone...
Except you. We should know you're safe, because not all men are like that.
And we aren't supposed to be angry, talk about sexism, talk about the pay gap, talk about the cost of essentials like menstrual supplies, wear too much makeup, wear not enough makeup, be dressed too nice, be dressed bit nice enough, be too smart, be too dumb, earn more than him, earn nothing, want to have a career, want to be a stay-at-home mom, have any desires, boundaries, or opinions that he doesn't agree with, anything that makes males in any way uncomfortable...
Because society has raised us to believe that a woman's existence is for the pleasure of a man. We have to look how he wants, act how he wants, sex how he wants, and reproduce how he wants... And even after all that, we shouldn't be surprised when he treats us like garbage, cheats, trades us in for a younger model...
Because a terrifying number of men think that repealing the 19th Amendment is a legitimate course of action.
Because rapists can get custody rights to their children conceived by rape.
Because I'm more likely to get threatened, doxxed, and attacked for outing my rapist, than he is to face charges.
Because trans women can expect violence for not passing well enough, or passing too well and "tricking" men.
Because I can't post something like this without being harassed, and having my "fuckability" discussed.
And y'all wonder why feminists are so angry.