Sunday, April 29, 2012

F** it, dude.

It's been awhile since I felt that "zone" where muse met self-expression and held hands. Two things happened. First I lost control over the spammers at my old site. Those mean people broke my blog, and I don't have the programming chops to fix it. Secondly, I lost Lexi Kahn. What with focusing more on work, giving up all the local rock stuff, and the whole thing about Facebook, I am mostly all Michelle now. Work. Home. Facebook. Yawn.

Say what you want about the superhero genre, it's got a lot of truths. Such as the diminishing returns from retreating into one's formerly secret identity, and the decreasing number of villains that remain after you've been kicking everyone's shit around for too long.  Captain Amazing, you know what I mean? You Amazing'ed yourself into obscurity. Great. Now what.

I will put it another way. I feel weird telling stories about people I know, now that anyone and everyone I have ever known is on Facebook and is now aware that I have a pen name. Like, I've got some doozies about Joe's parents, but with his whole family on Facebook and online in's not like when I used to go into great detail about what's in my mother's bathroom.

Existence is weird. You might have to bear with some shit.

So let's just see how it goes.